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Sensational Post by Eir


Barcelona coaches impressed with the speed

This is the second year that Elite Camp International was using Eir balls for their elite U15 girls and boys. The girls’ team also won the Dana Cup 2014 – one of the most competitive youth tournaments in the world. The Barcelona coaches were impressed with the speed of the game when playing with the Eir balls.

Elite camp 08 Elite camp 07 Elite camp 06 Elite camp 05


Elite camp 04Elite camp 03 Elite camp 02 The Elite Football camp ball

ELLE brand of the year: GANNI

Ganni has designed the “Good Luck” ball together with us, supporting women living in Red Cross refugee camps. Instagrams has been popping up from the first week of sales. Amazing people supporting. If you want to help support us you can buy the ball here and upload a picture on instagram or Facebook with #thegoodluckball and #sensationalfootball.

The instragram pictures was posted by the following: Singer Pernille Rosendahl, Prorector of Copenhagen University Lykke Friis, Actress Mathilde Norholt, Model Emma Oak, Model Helena Christensen, National handball player Mikkel Hansen, Singer Oh Land, Model Caroline Brasch, Singer Christoffer, Owner of Rudolph Care Andrea Rudolph, Fashion Blogger Stephanie Gundelach, Model Veneda Budny, Sensational Football’s Julie Moestrup, Head designer and Owner of Ganni Ditte Restrup, PR and Marketing Chief of Ganni Helene Skytte, Model Nadja Bender, Actress Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Model Josephine Skriver, DJ Rosa Lux, Musician Micheal Simpson and Model Hanni Gohr.

Thank you for a wonderful RF14

We have posted all the pictures on our Facebook page, but before you tag and like, Love to the girls who played, the amazing crew and crowd. The amazing colab friends Roskilde festival, hummel, gajol, Ganni, Cover, Loreal.

Thank you to the US embassy for supporting Girl Be Heard making their first stage appearance in Denmark, and Red Cross for trying to make a difference in the world and letting us be a part of that process.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

2014 Eir Sensational at Roskilde Music Festival 11


Sign Up for Sensational Football at Roskilde 2014

Sign up here …

[contact-form-7 id=”2847″ title=”Sign up for Sensational : Orange Karma”]

This summer Sensational street/festival soccer tournament at the Roskilde Music Festival will be our 5 year Anniversary tournament at the festival.. WOW.. And hummel is once again our faithful partner – so utterly cool. We are putting up the fields in Game City West once again for this years tournament, but this year we are adding new friends to the play – Play 31 and Game. And the whole area will be called Orange Karma

Cover are once again supporting the event and we hope that you will come play, celebrate and/or support us! Let us know. So please SIGN UP your team at the end of this post. AND follow us on Facebook, to keep updated on all the fun stuff that we will throw on this years program!


Remember it’s only for Girls (Boys are more then welcome to come cheer, and will be well rewarded if good..!!), and you have to be between 5- 8 girls on each team.

A trip to London

So the winners of The Most Sensational Team 2013, 9kg dynamit,  sent us some pictures and a little story about the use of their prize – An extended weekend to London.

“Finally the extended weekend came where we were going to London to hear The Weeknd and Drake. The hotel, which was very central, was top dollar and the weather was very spring-like. So we spent a lot of time in the inner city shopping and strolling , where we got to see some of London’s tourist attractions. Most importantly, we visited some of London’s bars and tasted some delicious pints. Sunday is worth mentioning, when we went to see Real Madrid vs Barcelona at one of London’s largest sports bars . The atmosphere was really great , and our pints were quickly replaced with pitchers. It was also that night the next Sensational Football tournament was discussed , and we have learned that the best ideas come with beer in the blood – we will be back with force!

On the concert day, we chose a slightly alternative transport to the O2 Concert Hall. We took a boat and we charmed the boat’s crew enough to get a tour by the ship’s mate. And we also conned them into believing that we are a little better at football than we really are, and that “It is so nice finally having a day off”, whoops. But we got to the concert, which totally rocks! Thank you for a fantastic trip Sensational Football and Danske Spil – we look forward for this summers tournament and Roskilde with you! ” – 9kg Dynamit

And we look forward to playing with you!

Asylum Cup 2014

Auderød took everybody by surprise and won the CUP. They played amazing ball, and Lume has turned into a Goal scoring machine. My greatest respect to Damsø soccerclub – for creating a talented team spirit and great players. This also ment that this last week after the Camp girls and women in all our refugee camps turned UP to practice, realizing that you have to practice to win. Now all focus is on our next tournament at the Roskilde music festival. A big THANK YOU to Røde Kors, Bestseller, hummel, Nordea, Larsson Familien, Emil Lyders, all players and coaches – You are the best!

Asylum Cup 2014

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Easy ways to keep your soccer balls in great shape

Did you know: That taking the air out of your soccer ball and let it sit on a heater (only ones that can be covered) for an hour, then massage it a bit using your hands. Use a drop of ball oil at the tip of your pump before you pump it back up. Will give new life to your ball. Try to avoid too much frost – or give it an hour on the heater if its been there for more than a few hours. The inside of the ball is organic material and react to weather.

I know ball companies that have saunas for their balls, when they have lived in boxes for too long, they get a spa treat …

New Years Cup with Ganni and Cover

Ganni, Cover and Sensational Football invite all you beautiful girls to the New Years Cup on Saturday, January 11, 1-6 pm, in Copenhagen.

Gather 5-8 of your friends, bring your sneakers, and be part of a brilliant kick-start of the New Year. Win awesome gifts by Ganni for best outfit, best team name, best cheerleading – or simple for just playing the best. There will also be cool gifts for the best DJs.

Find dine sneakers frem og sæt året i gang. Kom og vær med når Ganni, Cover og Sensational Football inviterer, alle jer skønne piger, til Nytårs-Cup lørdag den 11. januar i Fodboldfabrikken på Skelbækgade 1 i Kødbyen. Vind skønne gaver fra Ganni for ikke bare at sparke bolden i mål, men også for bedste outfit, holdnavn og heppekor M/K. Du skal samle 5-8 af dine veninder. Der er også cool præmier til de bedste heppere og dj’s og drinks hele dagen fra kl. 13-18.


 All teams play at least five games
 Each game will last 6-8 minutes
 Each team is allowed four players at the time on the field – and 5-8 girls in total
 Goalkeeper may use her hands

And oh, only room for 30 teams – so hurry up! 25% of fees go to Asylum United, a fantastic Charity project for women players at asylum camps. Sign up here.

Amazing players leaving college soccer to protect their future

Three really scary articles about concussions in women’s soccer where published within the last 3 weeks.

“Concussions in youth sports overall spiked 66 percent from 2001 to 2009 – with young women especially at risk – and the only way to stop the damage is to break through a ‘culture of resistance’ from parents, coaches and young players, a comprehensive new study suggests.” – NBC News a article and video about “Girl athletes at risk for concussions as ‘culture of resistance’ keeps rates high.”

A new report indicates there is “limited evidence” that current models of helmets and mouthguards reduce the risk of youth concussions.
NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports

“There are definitely moments where I’m standing off the field watching my teammates play, and I want to be out there, But I know it’s for the best. Obviously the brain is something you don’t mess with.” – ESPN a article about two of college soccer’s best players, Emily Oliver of Stanford and Becca Wann retired within weeks of each other, the result of multiple concussions over a series of years. Read more

“To Caroline Hangaard it became fatal when she one winter put her head on a size 5 ball at a practice match for Skovbakken.” Politiken (Denmark) a article about a header that created a vicious spiral for 15-year-old Caroline. Read more

Concussions derail promising careers

Concussions derail

When she was in high school, Emily Oliver, a goalkeeper, broke her left hand during action early in the second half of a game against a rival club team. The score was 1-1, and not knowing the extent of the injury, she shook off concerns and stayed on the field. It was, after all, a rivalry, Illinois girls against Michigan girls.

Perhaps playing through the pain wasn’t the sensible thing to do. It wasn’t the rational thing to do. She was sidelined for weeks afterward, her left hand in a cast. But her desire to play speaks to the balance of selflessness and ego inherent in an athlete’s existence. Her teammates needed her to sacrifice for them; she believed she was still their best option.

Two of college soccer’s best players, Emily Oliver of Stanford, left, and Becca Wann of Richmond retired within weeks of each other, the result of multiple concussions over a series of years.

She made the necessary saves that half, including more than one with her injured left hand, and her team won 2-1. It didn’t win a trophy. It didn’t make headlines.

“It was just kind of cool to be able to get that huge win against one of our rivals,” Oliver said. “Even with a broken hand.”

“No pain, no gain” may be a phrase mercifully fading into disrepute, but success sometimes hurts. That remains a part of sports.

What Stanford’s Oliver and Richmond’s Becca Wann, two of the best players in college soccer, accepted this fall is that there is a price that is too steep to pay. In retiring from the sport within weeks of each other, in each case as the result of multiple concussions sustained over a series of years, they chose instead to protect their futures.

Oliver’s broken bones from that early encounter healed soon enough, and she went on to Stanford as one of the top talents in her class. In each of her first three seasons with the Cardinal she was selected to the College Cup all-tournament team, which recognizes the outstanding players in the semifinals and final of the NCAA tournament. Her acrobatic save late in the second half of the 2011 national championship game, at full stretch pushing a Duke shot bound for the top corner over the bar and out of harm’s way, preserved a 1-0 win and the program’s first national title.

While her playing days might be over, Emily Oliver is still part of Stanford’s team as she weighs what comes next.

At 5-foot-7, it wasn’t her height or athleticism that turned heads on the college game’s biggest stage. She was an excellent shot-stopper, but her best qualities were the fearlessness and aggressiveness with which she approached the task. She excelled under pressure. She was exactly the kind of player who would worry about broken bones after a game was over.

Then came a collision early in the second half of a game against Portland on Aug. 31, the third game of Oliver’s senior season. The result was her fourth concussion, the third during her time at Stanford. She came out of the game immediately. On some level, she understood even then she wouldn’t return on that or any other day.

“Looking back on it, I think I knew that that was my last one, that I couldn’t do it anymore,” Oliver said. “I couldn’t put myself at risk and play like that. I think I knew that night.”

Six days earlier, Wann leaped to head a bouncing ball near midfield late in Richmond’s game against Old Dominion. Because the senior relied on her aerial game and because she had a history of concussions — the first sustained when she was just 10 years old and a pogo stick on which she was bouncing in her family’s garage slipped out from under her on the concrete floor — she always wore a protective padded headband on the soccer field. In this instance, the headband slipped out of place as she jumped, and her forehead collided with an opponent’s head.

A multi-sport athlete who didn’t play high-level club soccer and didn’t attract a lot of interest from top college programs out of high school in Virginia, Wann emerged as a legitimate star at Richmond. She dominated the Atlantic 10 and earned a place on the U.S. under-20 national team that won a world championship a year ago in Japan. University of Virginia coach Steve Swanson, also the coach of that U-20 team, called her as good a header of the ball as anyone he had ever seen at her age. He also noted she routinely put herself in harm’s way as a result.

A few days after the collision against Old Dominion, when the headaches and other symptoms wouldn’t go away, Wann sat in a neurologist’s office and was asked what she would do if she couldn’t play soccer again.

“There are definitely moments where I’m standing off the field watching my teammates play, and I want to be out there,” Wann said of her experience since. “There are nights when I go out and I just shoot.

“But I know it’s for the best. Obviously the brain is something you don’t mess with.”

Oliver and Wann are high-profile examples of what is far from an anecdotal issue. According to data published by the American Academy of Neurology, females playing college soccer suffer injury at the rate of 1.8 concussions per 1,000 games. That is greater than the combined rates of females in basketball and softball, the other sports studied. In fact, the rate of concussions for females in college soccer is greater than the rate for males in high school football (1.55). The rate for women in high school soccer was 0.97, second only to football among high school sports studied.

There are definitely moments where I’m standing off the field watching my teammates play, and I want to be out there. There are nights when I go out and I just shoot. But I know it’s for the best. Obviously the brain is something you don’t mess with.
Richmond’s Becca Wann

What we know is, relative to other sports, women’s soccer players are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with a concussion. What we don’t know is just about everything else, from why that’s so to what it means for the sport and for the affected athletes in the long run.

Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher is the director of the University of Michigan’s NeuroSport program, which states as its mission to treat and prevent brain, spinal cord or nerve damage from sports injuries. He is also a consultant on concussion-related issues for the National Hockey League Players Association and National Football League Players Association and the director of the National Basketball Association’s concussion program.

“If you asked myself or other experts on concussion very specific questions about risk factors or outcomes or any aspect of this injury, if they don’t tell you, ‘We don’t know; we don’t have data,’ they’re misrepresenting the case,” Kutcher said. “We clearly don’t have a lot of data for most of the things we talk about in concussion.

“The main reason is concussion is a clinical syndrome that is diagnosed by a physician. It is not a state or an injury that we can verify with an objective test, so therefore all of our clinical studies, all of the data we have is draped in this incredible ambiguity about the very clinical outcome that we’re trying to study.”

Source: http://es.pn/1bU8y4a

Header: A vicious spiral for 15-year old Caroline

By Albert Fønning-Andersson. Photo by Kåre Viemose. Translated by Kristina M Madsen.

Uncertainty. To Caroline Hangaard it became fatal when she one winter put her head on a size 5 ball at a practice match for Skovbakken. She fears that she will never be able to play her sport on an elite level again after her head injury.

“There was good speed in the ball, which the keeper kicked out on to the field, but I was so determined to win the header duel that I did not hesitate to head it. I should never have done that. ”

That’s how Caroline Hangaard talks about the incident this winter, which in a split second put an abrupt end to an otherwise promising career for the young talented girl, who played at Vejlby-Risskov as a child, and later changed to Skovbakken IF, as the talent called on greater challenges.

For what at first glance looked harmless, proved to be a serious concussion that even half a year after the incident occurred still poses Caroline Hangaard great anguish.

“I still have terrible neck pain, have difficulties sleeping, and have a difficult time concentrating. Especially in school, and although it is getting better, it is still mega inhibiting.” Says the soccer player with a voice that is becoming increasingly timid and soft-spoken as she id telling her story.

“It started in the team-bus on our way home from the game, where I got severe nausea and  headaches. And when I finally got home, my mom looked all frightened, because I was so pale and exhausted, as she had rarely seen me before.” Said Caroline Hangaard and talks about the terrible night that followed, where the pain only got worse and worse.

“I did not close an eye that night, it was unbearable,” said Caroline Hangaard, First thing in the morning, I went to the doctor, who did not hesitate to make the diagnosis and prescribe a treatment: severe concussion, absolute rest and intensive physiotherapy.

Will I ever come to play soccer again?

A treatment she still follows – and is bearing witness to a process that for Caroline is both tough and hard to get through. In addition to having a sore head and neck, not sleeping enough and being limited in her physical activities, Caroline has also begun to think gloomy thoughts about her future:

“Will I ever to live a normal life? Will I ever be able to play soccer again? And do I really have to give up doing what I love the most, which is to play soccer at a high level? These are some of the questions I started to ask myself”, says Caroline about the thoughts that concern her more and and more.

“It’s been strange and a vicious circle that is hard to get out of”, said Caroline Hangaard, who today is surprised that most clubs are still playing with balls in the girl tournaments, that are as heavy as they are.

“It is totally wrong that we are playing with the size 5 soccer ball and that people have not thought more about the damage that the heavy balls can cause”. She embrases the research and the development of a lighter and smaller ball for girls/women.

‘Which may help avoid similar injuries on other girls. “Nobody deserves to be exposed to what I have experienced ” she says.

Source: http://politiken.dk/sport/fodbold/ECE2103110/hovedstoed-har-skabt-en-ond-spiral-for-15-aarige-caroline/#.UlvwUn9WBPY.facebook

The Artrebel Ball is Hitting The Stores

The artrebel ball is hitting the stores. From today you can buy it at Normann-Copenhagen our favorite design store in Denmark.. We are proud. 2 more stores on its way. Go buy.. Go support the world of art and women’s football.

Buy the ball here:
Normann Copenhagen
Østerbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Sensational ArtRebl

Thanks for a Wonderful Sensational Football 2013

Roskilde music festival 2013 is over, woufff what a cool week  – we had some amazing Sensational Football days together with Roskilde festival and hummel, our amazing sponsors who created orange karma, a platform where we together try to put action behind the words; United to change the world through sport and music. So last week 120 totally wonderful female teams play football, 600 games in 3 days, 172 volunteers/friends  created a magical atmosphere around the players. 50 female asylum seekers played ball and music. The diversity of what we did can be seen in the pictures here 

And of course big love to all  all the awesome sponsors who gave us so many cool products we could hand out for amazing safes, fantastic goals ect, we can’t even start to thank you enough for all the love and effort. Thank you, thank you. 

We can’t wait to see all of you again in 2014 for another game of Sensational Football!!!

All the Sponsors 2013

Day 3: Love, karma and big prizes

After three days of sensational football at Roskilde Festival it was time to find the winners and to give away prizes to the many fantastic teams that have taken our amazing football tournament to a new level.

Team ‘Rhodondendon Blomst’ won the tournament with impressing wins against very good teams and ended with a win against ‘Team Ethnic’ in the final.

But perhaps more importantly the many teams with creative costumes, cool songs, cheering crowds and lots of karma were celebrated with big prizes.

‘Nun Stop’ took the karma prize and were celebrated by Christian Stadil – the founder of Hummel. ‘Ni kilo dynamit’ won the Sensational prize and a 35.000 thousand travel voucher.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the participating teams, our wonderful partners and all the lovely people at Roskilde Festival 2013, who have contributed to a fantastic three day celebration.

All the Winners

Asylum United at Sensational Football 2013


Four fantastisk Asylum United teams played in Sensational Football Day 2 at Roskilde Festival 2013.

The teams played their own small tournament and contributed with with big smiles, sincere celebration and beautiful football.

The Asylum United-women live at Danish asylum centres and are trained in football once a week by volunteer women from all over the country. Some of the women have never done sports before and never played football before, but they love the game and being active.

‘United to change the world through sports and music’ is the mindset of the Asylum United-project and their participation in the Sensational Football Tournament. Today was the visible example of what is actually possible to achieve, when enough people contribute with eager and good spirit to do something good for others.

A big thank you to the wonderful crowds at the stands, which celebrated our Asylum United-women with style and a lot of love.

Tomorrow we’re ready for the final day of the Sensational Football Tournament with more amazing teams and the big final.

Roskilde Festival – Day 1

Spice Girls, Pussy Riot and Superwoman.

They were all present and ready to play footie and kick some asses at Sensational Football Day 1 at Roskilde Festival 2013.

40 teams participated in the tournament’s first day. Creative costumes and cheerful crowds ensured a fantastic atmosphere with plenty of love and karma.

In the final Team Ethnic and Krydderdåserne fought beautifully for the win. The girls from Team Ethnic took the win with a 1-0-victory and celebrated it with style.

Team Ethnic consists of coaches form Asylum United and tomorrow they’ll be ready to cheer for their women from Jelling Asylum Centre, when they play against women from other asylum centres.

Come and play, cheer and have fun again tomorrow when we do it all again at Game City West at Roskilde Festival from 1 pm – 7 pm.

Introducing our Official ELITE FOOTBALL CAMP Ball

We have made a collaboration with Elite Football Camp and made a custom made Sensational 1 football for their camp this year and the love it and we love them for supporting us.!

On sunday the introduced the football with the following comment:

“Introducing our new exclusive custom made Official ELITE FOOTBALL CAMP Ball

It should have been a BIG surprise at Camp start, But we are totally exited and so proud we had to show it today. The ball is made in collaboration with Sensational 1”.

www.facebook.com/elitefootballcamp // www.elitefootballcamp.dk

It is so awesome to follow the growing support and enjoyment of the girls who play with it and the clubs adapting the football into their practice. And we work hard to keep developing, testing and design the Sensational 1 and look forward to watch it spread through the world and helping women’s football/soccer becoming faster and healthier.


Sensational Program Roskilde 2013

Loading everything into 2 big trucks tomorrow. Getting ready for Roskilde festival. Yeahaa. This is what we will be doing this year;-)

Sunday: Movie night: Kl. 20.00: “Searching for Sugarman” // Kl. 22.00: “The Princess and The Frog”  our bar will be open and you can come hang at the fields and watch a film

Monday Football: Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00 – 40 teams will play

Monday Movie night: Kl. 20.00: “Maradona”  //  Kl. 22.00: “Brave”

Tuesday Football: Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00

Wednesday football:  Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00 // After Party 

All days you can do:


  • Kl. 13.00-16.00: Old School Beer-Pong
  • Kl. 16.00-18.00:Captain Hook
  • Kl. 18.00-19.00:Russian Roulette

Crossfit kl. 10.45-11.30: A morning workout for everybody.. Boys and girls are super welcome

Massage kl. 13.00-20.00: 10 min massage for 20 kr, – Everything goes to the Asylum project

Nail and Hair – Asylum tent from kl. 13.00-18.00: 20 kr for nail or hair done by the Asylum women – Everything goes to the Asylum project.

Gamblers Launch: Gamble on your favorite team

Asyl Baren: We will be serving drinks in the name of Asylum

Bonfire from kl 15.00-19.00: We will set up a fire place where you can roast bananas, marshmallows and “Snobrød”.

Everything else: Music container, Football, hummel shop, soft pillows and fussball tables.

Thursday: Building the wall for the Wall “MUR” Tournament from kl. 13.00-16.00

Saturday: Playing the wall-tournament from 12.00 to 14.00 – Sign-up from kl. 11.30

Party at Roskilde