August 19, 2011 Us

16.000 euro collected in 72 hours….

WOMEN MATTERS – Our Charity 2011

The funding for the bus was secured after only 72 hours of charity work – amazing !

WHAT’S THE BUS ABOUT –  A collaboration between hummel and Sensational 1 – This ball is dedicated to fundraise for the Afghan Women’s National football team. Who are fighting for women’s right to play football and being independent by playing the sport they love. With the fall of the regime came the opportunity for women to pursue their passion but it is still extremely complicated for women to play football. Some wonderful girls who have put together a team of the country’s best players and made their first national team. Using this ball, you help finance a team bus for the Afghan women’s national football team.  We are grateful for your support

Thank you to all for participating, contributing and believing in the project.. The picture below is the brave women on the Afghan national soccer team that you are helping..

Sensational Black as the start design and the final ball that we played with at Sensational Street Soccer on Roskilde music Festival for the women on the Afghan National Soccer team..

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