November 5, 2013 Us

Amazing players leaving college soccer to protect their future

Three really scary articles about concussions in women’s soccer where published within the last 3 weeks.

“Concussions in youth sports overall spiked 66 percent from 2001 to 2009 – with young women especially at risk – and the only way to stop the damage is to break through a ‘culture of resistance’ from parents, coaches and young players, a comprehensive new study suggests.” – NBC News a article and video about “Girl athletes at risk for concussions as ‘culture of resistance’ keeps rates high.”

A new report indicates there is “limited evidence” that current models of helmets and mouthguards reduce the risk of youth concussions.
NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports

“There are definitely moments where I’m standing off the field watching my teammates play, and I want to be out there, But I know it’s for the best. Obviously the brain is something you don’t mess with.” – ESPN a article about two of college soccer’s best players, Emily Oliver of Stanford and Becca Wann retired within weeks of each other, the result of multiple concussions over a series of years. Read more

“To Caroline Hangaard it became fatal when she one winter put her head on a size 5 ball at a practice match for Skovbakken.” Politiken (Denmark) a article about a header that created a vicious spiral for 15-year-old Caroline. Read more

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