June 12, 2013 Us

ArtRebels create an art football for our asylum project

On June 5th we released the ARTREBEL football, designed by artist group, Art Rebels.

“Sensational is put in the world to create cool footballs for women. We are ecstatic with the ArtRebels-ball that we want to sleep with them at night. So people can decide whether they will use it as a football, art piece or cuddly toys.”

 The proceeds will go to Asylum United project, which is soccer practice for women in Red Cross refugee camps, and a project Sensational is the motive power for. 

ArtRebels,  donated the design for the Sensational art ball: “Asylum United is a unique initiative and ArtRebels are happy to support the project with a football design. We have great respect for the people behind Asylum United and for the volunteers who are making a difference for women in the asylum camps. We are proud to contribute to it and it’s a great feeling to be part of . ” says Simon Caspersen, Project Manager at ArtRebels who designed the ball with designer Frederik Dollerup.

Asylum United has existed for eighteen months and consists of weekly football training with volunteer coaches and annual camps for women in asylum camps under the Red Cross. The project is supported by hummel and Roskilde Festival and is part of the concept, Orange Karma. Several of the teams from Asylum United will play at Roskilde Festival together with us and the other 120 women team who play at our Sensational Football tournament july 1-3.

You can buy the ARTrebel ball here.

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