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Inside The Global Goals World Cup

Journalist Barbara Levin deep dives into the stories behind the women who have chosen activism as their way of life…

Echoes of slipping shoes and blowing horns filled the Brooklyn Expo Center as the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCUP) Finals took over on September 19th. Each competing team brought its version of fierce passion and irresistibly contagious energy. Although the women played to score goals on the field, their mutual objective was for a much greater cause.

On one field, Moving the Goalposts from Africa reflected their culture in a lively pre-game display, while next to them a youth girls team from Connecticut played against women twice their age. Unifying this diversity created a unique atmosphere that flowed throughout the day’s event. By celebrating each other’s differences, each team also discovered shared similarities with the others.

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Meet the MTG players

Do you know Mariam S, Amina, Sarah, Christine, Esse, Mwanaidi, Fatume and Mariam C?
You will soon get to know them as the MTG team. They impressed in Nairobi with their great attitudes and brilliant soccer skills.

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The SDG5 Dreamteam

Teammates: Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan and Emma Holten (photo: Freya Morales, UNDP)

What if, changing what you cannot accept and standing up for gender equality was no longer a lonely, unrecognized and often degrading endeavor? What if, our gender trailblazers were celebrated as we do sportsstars? What if activism was a teams sport?

Who would you put on your SDG5 Dreamteam to fight for glory and the world we want?

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks about peace and sport with the Soccer Divas from Mombasa

Nairobi March 4th 2017

“We saw how much fun the men and children where having when they played soccer, and we decided to start our own soccer club” Says Mariam Mpaata, team captain of the Soccer Divas. But when she and a group of women founded the first female amateur soccer club in Mombasa, they made it about more than just soccer. They made it about standing united to heal and improve their community.

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Change has a sound … composed by Ihan Haydar

We asked for her picture, we got an anthem

When we asked the ubercool drummer from the Danish band L.I.G.A to be a Global Goals World Cup ambassador, we could never have dreamed of the profound way she would impact our project. She showed up for what was just meant to be a regular photo shoot, doing a bit of PR for us, and left with the idea to compose our anthem.

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IOC trophy for making impact

Each year, the IOC Women and Sport Awards are given to role models and change agents – women, men or organisations – who have made remarkable contributions to the development, encouragement and reinforcement of women’s participation in sport.

On November 7 our founder, Majken Gilmartin, received the IOC Women and Sport Award Europe 2016 recognising her as a role model and change agent in the pursuit of gender equality in sports.


It is a proud history to be part of. I will practice my gratitude my continuing the work for equal inclusion, safety and competition in women sports.
Tophy winner, Majken Gilmartin | Eir Soccer and Global Goals World Cup

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Eir Soccer wins prestigeous IOC award

On November 7th Majken Gilmartin was presented with the IOC Women And Sport award for Europe. She won the award for her tireless commitment and original work for women and girls in soccer. 
The first Dane to ever win this prize, Majken Gilmartin was awarded the trophy at a gala event in Lausanne by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to Play For Change

Lannister landing a new lead as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.

Today, Jaime Lannister aka Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – the actor with a key role in HBO’s Game of Thrones – will take on the role as referee at the Global Goals World Cup in NYC – his first job as the newly appointed UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.

New York, 17 Sept. 2016 - OFFICIAL PORTRAITS APPROVED -Globally acclaimed actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, best known for his starring role as Jaime Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones, at a ceremony in New York where he was named as the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) newest Goodwill Ambassador. Credit: Freya Morales / UNDP

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with Eir Soccer’s Global Goals ball yesterday at UNDP.

Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau made his name in the 1994 thriller Nightwatch and numerous other screen roles before his major break as golden-boy knight Jaime Lannister, a.k.a. the Kingslayer, on HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

The Global Goals World Cup is an open women’s amateur soccer tournament designed to expand the scope of a conventional sport event and draw on the perspectives of creatives, academics, and activists, to merge true global citizenship with the game of soccer. To qualify, teams have to play and take action for one of their favorite 17 UN Global Goals.

The Global Goals World Cup is powered by Eir Soccer and UNDP – who are proudly supported by Social Good Summit, Save the Children and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meet us here: ggwcup.comtwitter, instagram, facebook.

Global Goals World Cup

Eir is setting up a global arena for women of all ages and backgrounds to experience the sheer joy of playing soccer and the meaningfulness of taking a stand for the world they want. In cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme and partners we are launching the Global Goals World Cup. Copenhagen is the 2016 host of the pilot tournament. The finals will take place in New York city during the UN General Assembly in September with attendance from the C40 Cities. By 2017 we expect the C40 Cities to host their own qualifying rounds for the 2017 Global Goals World Cup.

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2013 Eir Sensational at Roskilde Music Festival 2

People support for Global Goals

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A very warm thank you to all the people, peers, supporters, and professionals who show support to the Global Goals project.

Eir in the streets

Asfalt is the name of a new coffee table book/big picture cool looking book about street sport. Asfalt brings a story and some cool pages about Eir’s work and influence in the streets… We are so honored and proud to be part of it.
Asphalt. The book about street sports

3 extraordinary things in 15 years

Soccer ball Eir Global Goals 2
The Global Goals are set to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. Film director Richard Curtis is spearheading a campaign to make the UN Global Goals world famous when they are launched later in September this year. Eir Soccer has teamed up with the UN Global Goals and World’s Best News to help spread the goals and developed a soccer ball with all the 17 Global Goals to be distributed via Gain Health. Read more here.

Welcome to new Eir coaches

46 female soccer players and gymnasts have been working together the last months to create a playful, inclusive physical school gym program for 2nd graders. A program that will bring the 17 UN Global Goals into play.

Over a quarter of the world’s population is under the age of 14. It is the future of these generations that we are committed to improve. We need this generation to be familiar with the goals, but we also need their help. You can engage the generation of young people whose choices and creativity could make the vision of these goals a reality.

Soccer school week 32

Eir at Women Deliver

Majken Gilmartin, Eir Soccer

Majken Gilmartin will speak at the Women Deliver conference at World Cup in Toronto this week. Keep posted to learn more about how we play by the inclusive model – i.e. how we give every female the ability, confidence and desire to play soccer – and to replace ‘up or out’ with an option to be competitive, playful or recreational.

See @WomenDeliver, @FIFAWWC

Futsal now a part of our portfolio

Eir is introducing Eir Futsal. We have reduced weight and bounce to adjust the ball to games as they are typically played on smaller fields or indoor. And – of course – adjusted it to match women’s physics. The ball was introduced at the Do Democracy event, June 5 in Copenhagen and will be used in various tournaments / events throughout the summer. Get ready for street soccer, get the Futsal. (You may purchase it in our store).
2015.06.05 Eir Do Democracy Christiansborg 121

Do Democracy

2015.06.05 Eir Do Democracy Christiansborg 052
Watch the images from our Do Democracy tournament on our Facebook and Flickr sites. (See all our social sites here). The Do Democracy event celebrated the 100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote. Amazing street party.

Before every game, the two teams had to decide jointly which rules to play by. Great fun. Great way of honoring democracy.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Danish Soccer Federation, Copenhagen University and Politiken, the newspaper.

Sign up for Eir Do Democracy Soccer / Tilmeld Eir Do Democracy Fodbold


You can sign up for the Do Democracy Tournament on June 5th, 2015, using the contact formular above. You need to be 5-8 women on your team. We will play between noon and 5 pm. Please note, that it is very important that you dress up for the event. Feel free to get inspired at Eir’s social sites. As we approach the game date you will receive 15 rules of which you must select 5 rules in cooperation with you opponent team. It is all about having fun and – of course – Celebrate that we have a voice.

We look so much forward to seeing you. 

Football feminin 1920's

Toronto pilot project to use ‘female-friendly’ soccer balls for youth

The story is about Toronto Soccer Organization that makes the Eir ball mandatory for their U13 elite players – and in a greater sense about our sport and the way we can play ball: How we create the sense that it is okay to talk about smart adjustments and show players that we really are concerned about their injuries. That equal rights in soccer does not mean playing with the same size ball as men. That we will do whatever it takes to play great and safely.

Part of a family. At NSCAA convention

For the first time, Eir attended the NSCAA convention – 10,000+ soccer coaches in the same place over 4 days. It was a magical, warm feeling of being part of a ‘family party’ – great and deep conversations with so many coaches and other professionals, happy hour talks, 4v4 games, and class rooms… E.g. talks with Brianna Scurry about urban girls in sport and head injuries; with April former player and head coach of the women’s national team; with Anson Dorrance, the most winning college coach ever and former coach of the womens national team. Naturally, quite a few talks about our ball and why he believe our ball is a brilliant idea, about injury prevention – and even talks about tournaments in Africa.

Particularly two women made this possible. VP of the NSCAA convention, Amanda Vandervort, and Chelsea Ladies head coach, Emma Hayes. Thank you, ladies, for inviting along and provide hosting at Marriott.

Playful ball design

Airbrush artist Georgina Billington is working with Mia Morgan on creating 2 new ball designs. The goddess ball (strong ties to our company name) with the goddess EIR is surrounded by healing flowers; and then a playful mouth and eye ball. We love working with artists. To see how they look at our world. Playful, colorful, amazingly beautiful.

Eir Soccer ball design Georgina BIllington IMG_9277 Eir Soccer ball design Georgina BIllington IMG_1567

Eir Soccer ball design Georgina BIllington IMG_1554
Eir Soccer ball design Georgina BIllington IMG_9279