Thank you for a wonderful RF14

We have posted all the pictures on our Facebook page, but before you tag and like, Love to the girls who played, the amazing crew and crowd. The amazing colab friends Roskilde festival, hummel, gajol, Ganni, Cover, Loreal.

Thank you to the US embassy for supporting Girl Be Heard making their first stage appearance in Denmark, and Red Cross for trying to make a difference in the world and letting us be a part of that process.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

2014 Eir Sensational at Roskilde Music Festival 11


Sign Up for Sensational Football at Roskilde 2014

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This summer Sensational street/festival soccer tournament at the Roskilde Music Festival will be our 5 year Anniversary tournament at the festival.. WOW.. And hummel is once again our faithful partner – so utterly cool. We are putting up the fields in Game City West once again for this years tournament, but this year we are adding new friends to the play – Play 31 and Game. And the whole area will be called Orange Karma

Cover are once again supporting the event and we hope that you will come play, celebrate and/or support us! Let us know. So please SIGN UP your team at the end of this post. AND follow us on Facebook, to keep updated on all the fun stuff that we will throw on this years program!


Remember it’s only for Girls (Boys are more then welcome to come cheer, and will be well rewarded if good..!!), and you have to be between 5- 8 girls on each team.

A trip to London

So the winners of The Most Sensational Team 2013, 9kg dynamit,  sent us some pictures and a little story about the use of their prize – An extended weekend to London.

“Finally the extended weekend came where we were going to London to hear The Weeknd and Drake. The hotel, which was very central, was top dollar and the weather was very spring-like. So we spent a lot of time in the inner city shopping and strolling , where we got to see some of London’s tourist attractions. Most importantly, we visited some of London’s bars and tasted some delicious pints. Sunday is worth mentioning, when we went to see Real Madrid vs Barcelona at one of London’s largest sports bars . The atmosphere was really great , and our pints were quickly replaced with pitchers. It was also that night the next Sensational Football tournament was discussed , and we have learned that the best ideas come with beer in the blood – we will be back with force!

On the concert day, we chose a slightly alternative transport to the O2 Concert Hall. We took a boat and we charmed the boat’s crew enough to get a tour by the ship’s mate. And we also conned them into believing that we are a little better at football than we really are, and that “It is so nice finally having a day off”, whoops. But we got to the concert, which totally rocks! Thank you for a fantastic trip Sensational Football and Danske Spil – we look forward for this summers tournament and Roskilde with you! ” – 9kg Dynamit

And we look forward to playing with you!


Get involved

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