IOC trophy for making impact

Each year, the IOC Women and Sport Awards are given to role models and change agents – women, men or organisations – who have made remarkable contributions to the development, encouragement and reinforcement of women’s participation in sport.

On November 7 our founder, Majken Gilmartin, received the IOC Women and Sport Award Europe 2016 recognising her as a role model and change agent in the pursuit of gender equality in sports.


It is a proud history to be part of. I will practice my gratitude my continuing the work for equal inclusion, safety and competition in women sports.
Tophy winner, Majken Gilmartin | Eir Soccer and Global Goals World Cup

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Toronto pilot project to use ‘female-friendly’ soccer balls for youth

The story is about Toronto Soccer Organization that makes the Eir ball mandatory for their U13 elite players – and in a greater sense about our sport and the way we can play ball: How we create the sense that it is okay to talk about smart adjustments and show players that we really are concerned about their injuries. That equal rights in soccer does not mean playing with the same size ball as men. That we will do whatever it takes to play great and safely.

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