Part of a family. At NSCAA convention

For the first time, Eir attended the NSCAA convention – 10,000+ soccer coaches in the same place over 4 days. It was a magical, warm feeling of being part of a ‘family party’ – great and deep conversations with so many coaches and other professionals, happy hour talks, 4v4 games, and class rooms… E.g. talks with Brianna Scurry about urban girls in sport and head injuries; with April former player and head coach of the women’s national team; with Anson Dorrance, the most winning college coach ever and former coach of the womens national team. Naturally, quite a few talks about our ball and why he believe our ball is a brilliant idea, about injury prevention – and even talks about tournaments in Africa.

Particularly two women made this possible. VP of the NSCAA convention, Amanda Vandervort, and Chelsea Ladies head coach, Emma Hayes. Thank you, ladies, for inviting along and provide hosting at Marriott.

Sense of rising action

A woman couldn't run our World Cup

Maybe not such a suprise that FIFA has a non women kind of policy. But so nice to see all the responses to the article. A great read. There is a sense of rising action.

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