September 20, 2011 Us

Charity 2011 and the winner is….

CHARITY – At Roskilde Music Festival we started our Charity 2011 and collected money to give the Afghan women’s national Soccer team a team bus.. At that event all of the wonderful people that supported charity chipped in and signed up to a competition for a Roskilde Music Festival 2012 ticket. We drew the winner at our CPH MIX tournament this Saturday.. And the winner is……

Sofie Borbiconi.. Sofie is 24 years old and has just stated her Masters degree in communication with the goal to become a journalist some day.. Sofie plays football at “Mit Yndlingshold” in Copenhagen and therefore she is all ready and fit for next years Sensational Street Soccer..  When we asked her why she supported the Afghan Women’s National Soccer team, she said: “I heard about the Afghan women’s National Soccer team for the first time at Roskilde Music Festival, so my support was probably mostly to help promote a good and quite different charity. And then there was plenty of candy at the stand.;)”..

Once again thanks to all of you, who have supported our Charity project 2011.. It is amazing that you have helped us make a difference for those women and we are extremely excited to give them their bus..

Congratulations Sophie – we look forward to seeing you at the Roskilde Music Festival next year ..:)

Here the winners of Sensational Street Soccer at Roskilde Festival made by their sponsor company Arrive who donated 10.000 kr to our charity..

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