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Did you know….

Did you know.. Research show that most of fake-grass runoff water contained dangerous levels of heavy metals and other toxics, exceeding state and federal guidelines? This research was done by the 10 year old soccer girl Claire Dworsky, who was worried about the water they would at be running in at practice if they would get a Astro-Turf fitted sports field instead of grass.Cool little girl.. Read more about her research and the awards she got for it here..

Did you know.. New study finds men and women use different leg and hip muscles during soccer kick this may help explain the higher risk of ACL injury in females.. Data presented at this year’s American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine meeting in Keystone, Colo., explores the differences in soccer kick dynamics based on gender.

Scientist Thomas Bull have done the same motion analysis with both Sensational 1 and the Size 5 football and the results are significant. By changing the size of the football the female players hit the ball lower moving the pressure from the knee to the hip. Very identical to the men’s kicking. This means by using a smaller ball we remove the pressure on the knee.

“I’ve suffered quite a few injuries in my carriere and believe that  a smaller and lighter ball may help to prevent injuries in the future for female players.” – Julie Rydahl, Danish National team player.


Did you know.. That according to new research only 5% of youth coaches are women, even though girls and women’s participation in sports has increased explosively the last decade? How come that the moms ain’t coaching?? Read more about this subject here..

Did you know.. That a new article in the Wall Street Journal is showing some scary research on ALC tears on girls, which supports our agenda with Sensational 1?

In the US an estimated 90,000 varsity high-school and college athletes a year suffer an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, which connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. Women are between four and six times as likely as men who play the same sports to be injured, partly because girls and women rely more on their ligaments to compensate for less-developed muscles.

Help us make a change for women’s football… 

Did you know..

Christmas is just around the corner and we are feeling the Christmas Spirit and trust that the world will love us for increasing the speed of the game with 15% and cut more than 50% of the injuries. Magical new development for girls football. Just like Christmas, Sensational 1 really is magical for girls..

We made The Perfect Present for you, your Niece, Mom, Sister, Girlfriend, Team mate or who ever loves kicking a football.. Its a Sensational Football, an easy to pack football pump and valve oil.. Beautifully wrapped  and sent it to your door step for free.. Be magical for us and someone in your life. You can buy the ball at our Facebook Store..

Merry Christmas..

Did you know.. That currently, about 69 million children worldwide do not have access to an education? It’s either because of poverty, disability, displacement, discrimination or cultural reasons. “That is a scary fact and high numbers that we will do our bit to change.” Emphasizes Tina Lindharth, the corporate public relations manager at Ikea in Denmark.

Today Ikea starts their annual recurring Teddy Bear campaign in all their stores, where they for every Teddy Bear or children’s book sold donated 1 euro to UNICEF and Save the Children’s project. The goal is to collect 12 million euro worldwide this year before December 15th.

We want to help the less fortunate children to an education and are diffidently buying us a couple of teddy’s here at the office – We hope you do the same.!


Did you know.. That Only 2 percent of all sports media coverage is devoted to female sport in the UK, 6% in Denmark, 8% in the USA and 6% in Australia??

The US National Team Player Hope Solo for her sponsor NIKE

Did you know… That the Secret to Being A Power Woman? Play Team Sports.. In 2002, a study by mutual fund company Oppenheimer revealed that a shocking 82% of women in executive-level jobs had played organized sports in middle, high or post-secondary school. Moreover, nearly half of women earning over $75,000 identified themselves as “athletic.” Read more about this on Forbes

Did you know… That the best way to treat a football.. Is to take out the air each time you have practiced.. Specially in this cold and wet season we are going into..  That probably wont happen in most clubs.. But we have used a blatter in Sensational 1 that is soft  to make sure it will let out air over a few days.. To make sure that the ball does not turn into a rock during winter season. Good luck with the last games.

Did you know… That Players unaccustomed to Sensational1 ball spent more relative time over 95 % of HRmax and less relative time in 80-90% of HRmax, when playing with a standard ball 5, making it too demanding playing a full length game.

Did you know… That the increased speed using the Sensational 1 ball combined with a lower pulse rate provide the female players with the capacity to keep a higher intensity for the full length of the game.

Did you know… That female kickers tend to move both the thigh and the shank towards the ball putting too much pressure on the knee, whereas the male kickers only rotate their shank. Female kicking can be altered by using Sensational 1 and reduce the pressure on the knee close to zero.

Did you know…That Scientist Silke Sinning and former national team coach Tina Teurne from The German football Association (GFB) tested Sensational 1 with their elite youth players and 66 % of them thinks it’s more fun to play with Sensational 1..!

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