September 22, 2014 Us

Eir. New name.

Sensational Football has been our brand name since our inception. Back then that name was truly ‘Sensational’ in the sense that we created our first tournament for women who had never really player soccer before – 64 teams with no soccer experience attended. Years later, we started researching soccer balls and the injuries related to women’s soccer. We did so for health reasons with the aim to significantly reduce the number of injuries. Today, we are ready to tell the world that it really makes a difference in a players life to play with our balls. Today, our mission has partly evolved into improving health and lifestyle of women in soccer. So, while we still love ‘Sensational’ we came up with EIR (help, mercy). We fell in love with the name, which in Nordic mythology is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill and a healing.

Eir by Sensational 233x169