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Football playing COVER girl…

Josephine Skriver upcoming Supermodel – and passionated footballplayer, talks about her life as a model and footballplayer in the fashion magazine COVER Her friends and her made a team and played at Roskilde Festival as “Tuttie Fruttie”.

”I am going for the TOP” The article from COVER Magazine  – Text by Julie Moestrup

Josephine Skriver has in a record past become a name in the modeling business to look out for. She has just been to Cannes with Chanel, she has walked all the big shows, international fashion shows and she is a cool football girl that just can’t leave the ball alone.

Just a year ago Josphine Skrivers days looked a whole lot different: a pair of football boots, a grass field and new friends that just like her had chosen to take the 10. Grad on Oures football line.

One year, she denotes as ”one of the best in my life”.

Today there has come a whole lot more highlights. Not in football boots, but in stilettos on the catwalks in New York, Paris and Milano .

Because Josephine Skriver has in a record past gone from being a football girl to become a promising new face in fashion and one of the most popular names. She has just shoot a serie for the Italian Vogue with star photographer Steven Meisel, gone a exclusive Chane-show in Cannes and wonder if there might be a big campaign on its way for the international fashion weeks.

Football is like school put on hold for a period of time, while the 18 year old Josephine Skriver travels around the world as a fulltime model.

” I spend so little time in Denmark now that I can’t play regularly on a football team. But if there is a ball and a field, is it a 100% sure that I’m in. And I think it’s going to be like that always”, says Josephine Skriver, who is coming, with her own team, to this year’s Roskilde Festival to Covers and Sensational Street Soccer’s football tournament.

A couple of her friends play football while the rest has their debut in sneakers.

”I’m not quit sure that all of them are good with their legs and a ball, but all of them want to win, we are definitely going for the trophy because it is a team with only competitive people,” says Josephine Skriver, who started playing football at the age of 12 years.

”It is an totally amazing sport that has taught me to be a team player, that you have to corporate on the field or else you lose the game,” she says.

Josephine Skriver was discovered by Unique Models in 2009. They wanted to start her up as a model in Denmark right away, but Josephine Skriver was not ready.

”I had planned that year on Oure and that I just wanted. So we made the deal that I would priorities modeling work after that and then I just crossed my fingers that the chance had not passed.”

And that it was not. In February she took the international catwalks and walked 51 shows in New York, Paris and Milano.

”It came as a total surprise to me. At that time I had only walked the Danish Fashion week and that was a vacation compared to the foreign. Castingen to the different shows started 14 days before and there was many 100 models gathered. And it was obvious that all of them knew that not all would be chosen. I was happy that my mom was there to support me,” she says.

”You had to get really early. The experienced models hopped in front of the line, while all of us untrained nicely kept in line, it really was a circus,” she tells.

But the rumor about the new Danish model name ran fast, so Josephine ended up on all the catwalks of the big names like Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé. In Milano it became a real breakthrough when she opened for Alberta Ferrettis show.

” Right before I had to walk out, she came to me and said: ”All those models that open my shows has it cone very well for in the future”. That was crazy because a couple of days later I opened the show for Prada and after that I almost got all the shows I went to castings for.”

Ever since, the calendar has almost been booked solid with assignments. And Josephine Skriver has decided that this is going to be big.

”And I use a lot of what football has taught me in my modeling work. I’m a competitive person, that wants to win. Now I go for the top. Like you would go in to a football match to get a even score. But now it is about getting a certain campaign, open or close a certain show at the upcoming fashion week,” She says, who is crown up in a family where football with mom, picnics with dad and lots of spaciousness took up more space then glittering fashion magazines.

Her upbringing has not been traditional. She is a shapely result of a contact ad in Pan-Magazine, that is a magazine for homosexual.

” My mom but out an ad, that she looked for a man to have children with. My dad answered and of that became I,” she tells.

Since then there came a little brother and to younger half siblings. And a life with base at her moms place in Hellerup and every other weekend at dads on Vesterbro.

”For me it is normal to have a lesbian mom and a guy dad. My parents have been good at talking with me about it and that has helped me being confident about us as a family,” she says and proceeds:

”I believe that it has made me an open minded person, I grew up as a part of a minority and that gift, I have been giving because of that is spaciousness. But if it had not been for my aunt, which has always been in to fashion, there would properly not have become a model out of me,” she says and laughing out loud when she tells about her first meetings with the 10 cm heels, that is obligated on the catwalk.

”On one of the first meeting on the bureau they said: ”Stilettos will become you nye slippers at home”. I had never before had a pair of high heels on and I could not walk in them at home in the apartment because we have parquet floor. But I had a cleaning job, where I jumped in the high heels, because I had heard it was good to learn how to to walk in heels while vacuuming.”

That tip is hereby pasta long. And it works. Because Josephine Skriver is able to walk catwalks to A+. And she will most defiantly reach the top.


”For me it is quite normal to have a lesbian mom and a dad who is gay”

“I grew up as a part of a minority and that gift, I have been giving because of that is spaciousness.”


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