November 1, 2011 Us

A Sensational new Football Club…

An amazing season is ending in our club. Lots of happy kids, lots of ambition played out creatively, lots of wins, lots of safer and faster games with Sensational 1, lots of involved parents. We were 3 big clubs in the Copenhagen area that merged our female players from youngest to oldest this year.  The 3 clubs B93, HIK and Skjold – Coaches, girls and parents embraced the new idea with open hearts, it has been absolutely amazing to watch 3 strong clubs merge to one truly amazing.

I am proud that my 10 years of coaching, 3 years as board member,  4 years of working with our sensational 1 football, one of the people behind the merging is now looking like this. A club that wants to make it a brilliant club for girls. We are huge – 700 girls and growing every day.  This new logo is designed by a 19 year old female player from Japan.. We love its simple 19-asian going slightly old school.. Cool – Thank you all for proving that the football world is not always the biggest….

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