Everyone has promise. Fundraisers unlock it

By joining as a fundraiser you take part reshaping the landscape of women and sports. YOU can play an important role in pursuit of the promise as a ‘silent supporter’ – e.g. by suggesting future sponsors – or by implementing an independent fundraising programme on your own or together with your club, company or friends:

Build your campaign

Set your time frame and a fundraising target. Eir will then build your campaign page and share with you inputs, images, text etc. you need to let the world know why you’re passionate about it.

Tell the world

Share with family, friends, network and publish on your own social media. Find creative ways to motivate them to come along – donate your birthday, invite to a cupcake party or arrange a soccer tournament.

We appreciate your aspiration and are so happy to welcome you as a fundraiser. Contact us.


Suggest a sponsor