Involving the young generations

The Global Goals stand still without action. Global Goals Impact Games are about togetherness and understanding the UN 17 Global Goals by playing ball.

Soccer is one of the world’s most powerful tools to communicate and implement change. Through soccer we can enhance curiosity, build health, develop the mind and trust amongst each other.

Global Goals Impact Games will inspire children, coaches, teachers and players to help take actions for the Global Goals locally and globally.

Global Goals Impact Games: Drills and Games

Impact Games and drills blend The Global Goals perspective with known football drills and games.

The drills and games are developed by coaches and players of all ages and can be adjusted to fit anyone in any school, club at any place.

You can pick one, two, or three Impact Games for a 15-20 min fun physically activity in another lesson, or you can create a series of sessions so the students gets a deeper understanding of the 17 Global Goals.


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