December 30, 2011 Us

Happy New Year everyone – Thanks for a Awesome 2011…

We are now at the end of an awesome year. Thanks to all of you who have supported us and made this Year another wonderful experience.

We have some many great partnerships lined up for 2012 that will create strong attention to our women’s football. Its a tough journey to change the rules of the FIFA world.. But we are slowly getting closer.

This yearwe have also gone all out with our Big Sensational Street Soccer tournament at Roskilde Festival with more than 1200 girls playing football, and more than 20.000 spectators over three days, we had 150 volunteers make the event a huge success, and everybody helped us collect 16.000 euro so that we can buy a Bus for the Afghan Women’s National Football Team.

In august we and Peugeot closed down Sønder Boulevard for the annually CPH Soap Box Rally and Built Soap Box cars at the same time as Wonderful Copenhagen’s Nordic Taste in Kødbyen.. We filled up the parking lot in front of Karriere bar with hundreds of wonderful people in all ages and built the most wicked cars with the help from KTS’s carpenters, Spray painters and artists. It was a magical day with friends and families..

On September 17th we Mixed it up and Invited all you boys and girls to play together.. We ended up with 200 young cool people who played for the fun of it.. Butcher’s Lab came along and made sure that everyone was warmed up and ready to play.. Once again we had lots of Love, Happy vibes and awesome outfits.

We want to start the new year with another day with karma, good vibes and a talks about what to do in 2012. Sooo on January 7th we hope to See you all at Fodboldfabrikken and Karriere for a day with Football and happy cheers..

Thank you all for a wonderful and inspiring 2011.

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