June 28, 2013 Us

Introducing our Official ELITE FOOTBALL CAMP Ball

We have made a collaboration with Elite Football Camp and made a custom made Sensational 1 football for their camp this year and the love it and we love them for supporting us.!

On sunday the introduced the football with the following comment:

“Introducing our new exclusive custom made Official ELITE FOOTBALL CAMP Ball

It should have been a BIG surprise at Camp start, But we are totally exited and so proud we had to show it today. The ball is made in collaboration with Sensational 1”.

www.facebook.com/elitefootballcamp // www.elitefootballcamp.dk

It is so awesome to follow the growing support and enjoyment of the girls who play with it and the clubs adapting the football into their practice. And we work hard to keep developing, testing and design the Sensational 1 and look forward to watch it spread through the world and helping women’s football/soccer becoming faster and healthier.


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