June 26, 2013 Us

Sensational Program Roskilde 2013

Loading everything into 2 big trucks tomorrow. Getting ready for Roskilde festival. Yeahaa. This is what we will be doing this year;-)

Sunday: Movie night: Kl. 20.00: “Searching for Sugarman” // Kl. 22.00: “The Princess and The Frog”  our bar will be open and you can come hang at the fields and watch a film

Monday Football: Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00 – 40 teams will play

Monday Movie night: Kl. 20.00: “Maradona”  //  Kl. 22.00: “Brave”

Tuesday Football: Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00

Wednesday football:  Sensational Football kl. 12.00 – 19.00 // After Party 

All days you can do:


  • Kl. 13.00-16.00: Old School Beer-Pong
  • Kl. 16.00-18.00:Captain Hook
  • Kl. 18.00-19.00:Russian Roulette

Crossfit kl. 10.45-11.30: A morning workout for everybody.. Boys and girls are super welcome

Massage kl. 13.00-20.00: 10 min massage for 20 kr, – Everything goes to the Asylum project

Nail and Hair – Asylum tent from kl. 13.00-18.00: 20 kr for nail or hair done by the Asylum women – Everything goes to the Asylum project.

Gamblers Launch: Gamble on your favorite team

Asyl Baren: We will be serving drinks in the name of Asylum

Bonfire from kl 15.00-19.00: We will set up a fire place where you can roast bananas, marshmallows and “Snobrød”.

Everything else: Music container, Football, hummel shop, soft pillows and fussball tables.

Thursday: Building the wall for the Wall “MUR” Tournament from kl. 13.00-16.00

Saturday: Playing the wall-tournament from 12.00 to 14.00 – Sign-up from kl. 11.30

Party at Roskilde

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