February 21, 2012 Us

Soccer Party for Students..

Dear Girls And Boys,

Once again it’s time to play soccer with Sensational Football. Grab your friends – 4-6 players on each team either boys or girls, not mixed – and come play Saturday the March 10th – we play at the Football Factory in Copenhagen.

It is a soccer tournaments where we focus on the social values – having fun with the sport and people we love.

Therefore, it’s a day of love, soccer, beer, hanging out, music and lovely prizes for best costume, karma, supporters and of course first and second place. There must be a minimum of 2 students on a team so that one can be allowed to participate.

Come on over and Hang out all day
– The matches will start at. 14.00 and run all day, there will be plenty of other activities with DJs who play good music.

Free Sandwich & Heineken
– When and If you are out of the tournament, we give you free sandwiches and 6 pcs Heineken Beer. And hope you will stick around and join our afterparty at.21.00, where we Party with Lulu Rouge, Rosa Lux, Thomas Madvig etc. There will be low priced Bar and open to all of your friends.

Register for the tournament here.

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