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This summer Sensational street/festival soccer tournament at the Roskilde Music Festival will be our 5 year Anniversary tournament at the festival.. WOW.. And hummel is once again our faithful partner – so utterly cool. We are putting up the fields in Game City West once again for this years tournament, but this year we are adding new friends to the play – Play 31 and Game. And the whole area will be called Orange Karma

Cover are once again supporting the event and we hope that you will come play, celebrate and/or support us! Let us know. So please SIGN UP your team at the end of this post. AND follow us on Facebook, to keep updated on all the fun stuff that we will throw on this years program!


Remember it’s only for Girls (Boys are more then welcome to come cheer, and will be well rewarded if good..!!), and you have to be between 5- 8 girls on each team.

Asylum Cup 2014

Auderød took everybody by surprise and won the CUP. They played amazing ball, and Lume has turned into a Goal scoring machine. My greatest respect to Damsø soccerclub – for creating a talented team spirit and great players. This also ment that this last week after the Camp girls and women in all our refugee camps turned UP to practice, realizing that you have to practice to win. Now all focus is on our next tournament at the Roskilde music festival. A big THANK YOU to Røde Kors, Bestseller, hummel, Nordea, Larsson Familien, Emil Lyders, all players and coaches – You are the best!

Asylum Cup 2014

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New Years Cup with Ganni and Cover

Ganni, Cover and Sensational Football invite all you beautiful girls to the New Years Cup on Saturday, January 11, 1-6 pm, in Copenhagen.

Gather 5-8 of your friends, bring your sneakers, and be part of a brilliant kick-start of the New Year. Win awesome gifts by Ganni for best outfit, best team name, best cheerleading – or simple for just playing the best. There will also be cool gifts for the best DJs.

Find dine sneakers frem og sæt året i gang. Kom og vær med når Ganni, Cover og Sensational Football inviterer, alle jer skønne piger, til Nytårs-Cup lørdag den 11. januar i Fodboldfabrikken på Skelbækgade 1 i Kødbyen. Vind skønne gaver fra Ganni for ikke bare at sparke bolden i mål, men også for bedste outfit, holdnavn og heppekor M/K. Du skal samle 5-8 af dine veninder. Der er også cool præmier til de bedste heppere og dj’s og drinks hele dagen fra kl. 13-18.


 All teams play at least five games
 Each game will last 6-8 minutes
 Each team is allowed four players at the time on the field – and 5-8 girls in total
 Goalkeeper may use her hands

And oh, only room for 30 teams – so hurry up! 25% of fees go to Asylum United, a fantastic Charity project for women players at asylum camps. Sign up here.

Asylum United at Sensational Football 2013


Four fantastisk Asylum United teams played in Sensational Football Day 2 at Roskilde Festival 2013.

The teams played their own small tournament and contributed with with big smiles, sincere celebration and beautiful football.

The Asylum United-women live at Danish asylum centres and are trained in football once a week by volunteer women from all over the country. Some of the women have never done sports before and never played football before, but they love the game and being active.

‘United to change the world through sports and music’ is the mindset of the Asylum United-project and their participation in the Sensational Football Tournament. Today was the visible example of what is actually possible to achieve, when enough people contribute with eager and good spirit to do something good for others.

A big thank you to the wonderful crowds at the stands, which celebrated our Asylum United-women with style and a lot of love.

Tomorrow we’re ready for the final day of the Sensational Football Tournament with more amazing teams and the big final.

Roskilde Festival – Day 1

Spice Girls, Pussy Riot and Superwoman.

They were all present and ready to play footie and kick some asses at Sensational Football Day 1 at Roskilde Festival 2013.

40 teams participated in the tournament’s first day. Creative costumes and cheerful crowds ensured a fantastic atmosphere with plenty of love and karma.

In the final Team Ethnic and Krydderdåserne fought beautifully for the win. The girls from Team Ethnic took the win with a 1-0-victory and celebrated it with style.

Team Ethnic consists of coaches form Asylum United and tomorrow they’ll be ready to cheer for their women from Jelling Asylum Centre, when they play against women from other asylum centres.

Come and play, cheer and have fun again tomorrow when we do it all again at Game City West at Roskilde Festival from 1 pm – 7 pm.


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