July 30, 2012 Us

Thanks for your support…

We would like to say Thank You for another great year at the Roskilde Festival with Sensational Football ..

Thanks to the 1,200 girls who played with us, thanks to the 15,000 spectators who helped create a great atmosphere, Thanks for all the great volunteers who made it all possible, thanks to the Danish Red Cross who lets us make a difference for women in the Danish asylum centers, thanks to the Roskilde Festival to make this project possible, Thank you to hummel for being with us for the 9th years, thanks to COVER who once again sat up the editorial team at the festival and helped to create a wonderful atmosphere with prizes and soft vibes from DJs, thanks to Meyer’s Kitchen to enrich us with great food, Thanks to Gajol for sharing sweet cases and joy to us all, Thanks to Atlantis Rejser for sending  the best dressed out in the world, thanks to Somersby for cold refreshments, Thanks for Distortion for inviting the winners to Distortion 2013, thanks to RICE for beautifying our baths, thanks to the Metroxpress and 24 Hours, thanks to Thomas Slosarich and Riffi Haddaoui to create a great atmosphere with narration and good humor, thanks to T-shirttrykkeren for creating some wonderful press on COVERS Tees, Thanks for the amazing gift sponsors Topshop, Less is more, Gund Briit, AIAIAI, Sephora, Ganni, Mads Norgaard, Spa supply / Murad, Weekday, havaianas, Mozz, wegabeauty / Cowshed, Munderinglkompaniet / fashion pool, Tushnelda Bloch, Superdry, OiSTER, Kerastase, Henny & mu, Soft Gallery, Won Hundred, White, Nué, Vibskov, Cofocco, Friis & Co, Nordisk Film, Tivoli, Kérastase / shu Uemura, pocket, Monki, Acne, Rudolf Care, Design Remix, David Andersen, hummel, Yvonne wife, Essie, Polhem, Maria Nila / Polhem, wood wood, Cheap Monday, Stadium Art Rebels, Muuto, Thanks to Manocrew, Stenfatt Transportation, Karriere Bar and all the others who helped make the days at Roskilde Festival, a celebration ..!

We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year for another round of Sensational Football ..!

Go to www.facebook.com/sensationalfootball to see all the beautiful pictures and video from the tournament ..

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