• This ball makes women’s soccer more attractive to look at with faster passes and longer kicks. I have played with the ball for a season now. I kick significantly longer with the Eir ball than with an ordinary ball – and I have done some brilliant headers this season. I have also tested the ball in small sided games and was positively surprised that it was fast, yet controllable.

    Cathrine Paaske, national team player
  • I agree 100 % this would change the game for women. My outside left back was able to strike the ball behind the right back into the empty space for the right outside back to get into the attack. That is a 35 yard distance. This would not happen with a standard ball.

    Carlos Mejia, elite coach, Westchester, NY
  • Eir has proven that they know how to fuse the energy and vibe of fashion and lifestyle with sports making it a kind of Woodstock Football Festival event where people play or watch football. Each year I get more and more amazed when I see how much the 1,000+ women invest in the game. We really are very proud sponsors and co-promoters of this cool event.

    Christian Stadil, shareholder and chairman of Hummel



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