July 30, 2013 Us

Thanks for a Wonderful Sensational Football 2013

Roskilde music festival 2013 is over, woufff what a cool week  – we had some amazing Sensational Football days together with Roskilde festival and hummel, our amazing sponsors who created orange karma, a platform where we together try to put action behind the words; United to change the world through sport and music. So last week 120 totally wonderful female teams play football, 600 games in 3 days, 172 volunteers/friends  created a magical atmosphere around the players. 50 female asylum seekers played ball and music. The diversity of what we did can be seen in the pictures here 

And of course big love to all  all the awesome sponsors who gave us so many cool products we could hand out for amazing safes, fantastic goals ect, we can’t even start to thank you enough for all the love and effort. Thank you, thank you. 

We can’t wait to see all of you again in 2014 for another game of Sensational Football!!!

All the Sponsors 2013

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