January 13, 2012 Us

Thanks for a wonderful day…

Hey You All,

The second batch of pictures from our new years cup are uploaded.. have you seen them?

Thank you so much for another wonderful day with Sensational Street Soccer.. It was a blast to play with and against you..!

We have posted the first pictures on facebook now and will be uploading more within the next couple of days..

The winners where:

Orange Feeling: Dagen Derpå

Orange Feeling Runners up: Trænerens Trunter

Best Outfit: Bruce, you look Sensational, What happend???

Karma: Asian Girls

Karma Runners Up: De Liderlige Skovhuggere

Best Team Name: Polakkerne/Idioterne/Idiomerne

The Oldies: Toppede Chicks

Good Vibes: Hancocks Helte

1. Place Group B: ØKF

2. Place Group B: Bruce you look Sensational, What happend???

1. Place Group A: Dagen Derpå

2. Place Group A: Scoretøserne

Once again a BIG THANK YOU to all our great Sponsors who made the winning teams even more happy..!!

If you didn’t get the chance to talk to us and give you opinion on what you want us to do in 2012 please take 5 minutes to answer this web survey..:)


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