June 12, 2012 Us

That Music…

“United to Change the world through sports and MUSIC“.. And we want to hear all the crazy amazing or stupidly bad Football battle songs of the world..

So we can play them and remind us all that this year we want to hear you all SCREAM OUT your teams Battle song at the Festival Tournament..! If you feel like we are missing some essential Songs that rock your football game, give us a hint.. HERE WE GO – All the best and worst..


This is the Euro 2004 qualification song made for the danish nationale footballteam’s. The singers are Birthe Kjær, B-Boys, Safri Duo and the danish national football team. Any of you remember this song and have a comment? Do you love it og hate it?…

Well this is just funny…. Søren Poppe and Sofie Lassen-Kahlke: Danmarks Drenge (VM in Sydkorea and Japan, 2002)


We Love Nephew – But what do you think about this song? “The Danish Way To Rock” (VM South Africa, 2010)

Any of You Remember This Song – 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP – Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski song.. Where does it fit in with you – Best or Worst??

Kevin Keegan; Player of the year in Europa 1978 and 1979 – What do you think about his singing skills???

This probably best knows as Liverpool’s anthem and it is Iconic..!

We All remember The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup song by Shakira.. This might just be one of those you either Love or Hate.. But we are kind of loving it..


Song We Would Love To Be Without…

Almost no word…. It’s a happy song and we loved it – but PLEASE stop using it for any more sport events..!

Baddiel, Lightning Seed & Skinne – Three Lions ’96…. No words.. What do you all think?

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