August 26, 2011 Us

The Fashion World for Sensational Football

Omega Lifetime Magazine:We got presented in Omega Lifetime magazine under “Things to look out for” – “5 Copenhagen// Many sports disciplines give women a choice of equipment that suits their particular physiology, but soccer isn’t one of them. Women soccer players use the same size-5 ball as men. But now a game changing Danish company, Sensational Football, has come up with Sensational No. 1, a soccer ball designs specifically for women. Its weight and size is gentler on the knees and ankles and allows you to kick it 10% further the with regular soccer balls. Major sports associations are rumored to favor the new standard.”

It is a great honer to be present and Acknowledged by a Magazine like Omega Lifetime which is printed in 200.000 copies around the world.. Amazing.

Cover Magazine:
In the June/juli magazine of Cover Magazine we got a 6 page spread about women’s football – Sensational Street Soccer at Roskilde Music Festival –  and the Sensational Football. And besides that the new beautiful Danish Top Model and dedicated and talented football player Josephine Skriver is on the front page and with a big interview inside about being a top model and a football player.

Read the interview here.

New York Magazine: Another wonderful interview with the highly talented, very popular Danish Top model Josephine Skriver and Sensational football ambassador. Read the interview here.

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