June 14, 2013 Us

Wall-Ball a.k.a ”Mur” competition

The “Mur”- Competition brings back memories from the schoolyard. The game of “Mur” is a very simple game where the competitors take turns kicking the ball up against a wall, until someone misses.

This year, we have built a huge box consisting of four independent walls.

The “Mur”-Competition will consist of three disciplines. 1.The Classic “Mur” 2. Shooting power 3. Accuracy shooting.

To participate in the “Mur”-Competition, you have to gather a team of 4 players (2 boys and 2 girls). Then you have to decide, who will participate in each of the three disciplines. Each player can only participate in one of the disciplines, so choose wisely. Two players shall play classic “Mur” and the others will take a wall each.

On each of the walls your team will collect points for your final score. At the end of the competition; we will see which team who collected the most points.

So invite all of your friends at the festival and have them come cheer for your team, and help us create a fantastic old school, schoolyard atmosphere.

LOGIK & CO will build the wall on Thursday July 4. We invite you and all of your friends to come join us hang out and watch ART REBELS paint it BEAUTIFUL.

The “Mur”-Competition will take place on Saturday 6. July from kl.12- 14

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