September 9, 2011 Us

We want you to be safe Girls, no matter what….

We know that a lot of you girls who come in here properly won’t get your club or school to buy new football/soccer ball right away because they either have a ball agreement with a football/soccer ball company or they don’t know what to think about  a new ball. But we still want you girls to be more safe on the football field and give you the chance to stay in the game longer.

So we recommend that you pay attention to your legs and the strain you put on them when playing with the size 5 football.  You need to keep your legs strong, warm and know how to handle the mens size football in a game without getting injuries.

Your body has some natural defence mechanisms against injuries that you can train to become more “resistant” to injuries. For example, training certain muscles stabilises joints, training your balance makes you less susceptible to loss of balance and falls. For women it is very important that we focus on stabilizing excises for our knees since we put almost a 100% strain on them when we hit a size 5 football. A good complete warm-up will at some level help you prevent injuries and should be performed prior to every training session. If you also play with the Sensational football you will reduce the risk of injuries even more.

FIFA have made a more specific presentations on, staying safe on the football fields for girls, with a complete warm-up. Please, be more safe in you game until you are also able to play with an adapted football for women.

On the picture: Bettina Falk former Danish National Team Player.. Taken by Emil Lyders

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